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One major strand in New Deals research involves the analysis of European Survey of Working Conditions data from 1995 to 2015.

You can take a preliminary look at our analysis in the presentations below.

For an overview of our research – what workplace regimes we find in Europe today, where we find them, with which workers, adn with what consequences click here:  New Deals Conference 2017_Healy_ORiain_work regimes

Here’s more detail on what this looks like in manufacturing: Healy_ORiain_SASE_2015_manufacturingregimes

How does the organisation of working time vary in Europe? Ciccia_Oriain_working time_SPA

What are the consequences of workplace regimes for Intensity of Work, Insecurity of Employment, Intrusion of Work into Non-Work Life and for Income Stress? BSA_WES_2016_Healy_ORiain_outcomes

For a closer look at insecurity and labour market dualism see here: ESA 2015_Healy_ORiain_dualisation

And for a closer look at the data on precarity and dualism, read: NERI_2017_Healy_ORiain_Precarity

And how does understanding the organisation of work shape attitudes to social protection and redistribution? ISA_2016_Healy_O Riain_welfare attitudes

For more on the EWCS data see: 



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