Which Future for Ireland’s Political Economy?

July 16, 2014

Seán Ó Riain has two recent opinion pieces that address the future of the Irish political economy and social contract.

A recent article in the Irish Times draws on the analysis in The Rise and Fall of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger (see post below) to caution against repeating the mistakes of the Celtic Tiger era. An op-ed in the Irish Independent examines the role a new form of social partnership could play in that process.

At a recent Irish Congress of Trade Unions conference Seán’s presentation examined the importance of an ‘investment diamond’ for promoting a fair recovery. See the slides of A Fair Recovery for Ireland and the video of the talk (starts around 33 minutes, after an excellent talk by Reiner Hoffman).

At Social Justice Ireland’s conference Seán explored these issues in more depth in a discussion of ‘Ireland Through a Nordic Lens’ – the slides of the talk are available here. See also this short interview on issues facing the Irish economy.